How to Convert an Android App into an iOS App

To see the final state with the iOS application and the shared module, switch to the final branch. If you aren’t familiar with Kotlin Multiplatform for mobile, learn how to set up environment and create a cross-platform application from scratch first. Move to iOS also loaded all the app icons I had on my Pixel into my photo stream, but, of course, the phone itself didn’t download any of those Android apps. It gets reasonable to make your product compatible with the most prevalent OS versions.

how to convert an android app to iOS

The mirroring factor is about your app supporting the RTL and correct content display. If your app includes this functionality, you should consider how the content is displayed. It is vital to pay attention to this aspect when converting Android apps to iOS or vice versa. You will have to work on the automated text mirroring for custom elements yourself.

Advantages That Your Business Gains by Converting the App

The may be pretty complicated, especially for fast-growing applications. Let’s talk about how to port Android app to iOS and conversely. The best option is to find a reliable software development services vendor. In this case, you should be ready to provide the source code, media resources, (e.g. icons, illustrations) and documentation. People on Android phones may tap a back button to return to previous screens in the app. For iPhone users another way to do this has to be implemented because there’s no back button.

It is also worth paying attention to media assets, as they differ in both mobile operating systems. That is, you should take care of their correct transformation in advance. Another great advantage is that you can add additional functionality. It will also allow you to evaluate the functionality’s relevance to users, after which you can add them to the original application as well. I don’t know whether there are any good companies that do this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Convert iOS App to Android

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how to convert an android app to iOS

If you want the project to be completed quickly and efficiently, we can fully satisfy your needs. AppStudio is a leading Mobile Application Development Company in Canada. We offer services in iOS Mobile App Development Services, Custom Android App Development services, Healthcare App Development, React Native App Development & Game App Development. Plus, we build innovative web & mobile apps for businesses worldwide. We have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies &, Startups across a spectrum of industries. To create Mobile apps that are actively being used by millions of users across the globe.

Converting iOS Apps to Android

If your goal is to capture new markets, you should also consider the needs of users. For example, if you port an application for Arab countries or Israel, then your design and application should support their right how to convert android app to ios to the left languages. Design is an imperative component of mobile application development. First, analyze the existing app’s visual appearance and contemplate if you need to change or upgrade it for the iOS one.

how to convert an android app to iOS

Firstly, you should keep in mind that going back to change the code is quite time-consuming since developers need to make sure that modifications didn’t cause any new bugs. Moreover, there are certain checkpoints in mobile development when adding even the smallest changes would mean that developers have to write a substantial part of the code anew. You should make sure not to work with companies that offer 100% identical apps for both operating systems since it’s simply not possible. Companies like Samsung, Airbus, NEC, and startups rely on us to build great online products.

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So an important step is choosing a professional team. The real experts will provide you with detailed consultations and discuss all the requirements before the start of development. When building or porting an application, it is important to consider the size of the end-user device so that the software displays and works correctly. Apple’s product line is limited to a few sizes, which facilitates the conversion process. In the case of Android, there are many companies that produce smartphones with this operating system. But the good news is that you don’t need to adapt the application to all possible device sizes since Android can scale it itself.

This app will transfer your contacts, message history, photos, videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars to your new iPhone. Ignore the poor rating — it’s a product of Android-versus-iOS rivalry rather than a reflection of how well the app works. Simply download and install it on your old Android phone and follow the instructions to copy over the content you want.

Reasons for converting an Android app to iOS or vice versa

We eventually managed to overhaul the application in line with the relevant HIPAA requirements. This included optimizing the existing code, revising business rules for improved UX, and adjusting to all HIPAA security recommendations. Android has by far the largest number of users so converting an app to Android will allow you to access a much vaster userbase.

  • Let‘s now review a few approaches that allow you to convert an Android app to iOS.
  • Areas of responsibility – brand and growth marketing.
  • The same situation is with adjusting the app for a new OS—a high-skilled developer will do it as easy as a pie.
  • Depending on the geography, the manpower cost could be high.
  • Android apps do not make as much money per user as iOS ones do.

The system also adapts the application to the most appropriate size by itself and resembles screens properly on Android phones. The situation is similar to OS versions, where Android has more than 20 screens available, while Apple devices have only 4-5 core screens. Therefore, consider this fact, especially when you convert an iOS app to Android. Possibility to increase your market share while gaining gain new app users.

Advantages of converting for the business owner

Maybe you’ve come to realize that an Android application development is no longer enough. You must be thinking about converting your Android app into an iOS app. Swift and Objective-C are programming languages for Apple products. Besides that, Kotlin and Java are two programming languages that are used in Android development. Programming languages have their own syntax and semantics, rules, algorithms, and so on. Both mobile operating systems use different languages.

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