Differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

QA involves a set of activities and procedures occurring during product development that helps ensure a high-quality release. QA includes team members from across the software development organization discussing, planning and executing tests to validate product quality. You don’t want to spend time and money repairing defective goods, reworking poor-performing goods, or dealing with unsatisfied customers. QA develops processes that are meaningful for the development of a product.


In other words, you’re verifying that the quality requirements you planned for will be fulfilled as the products are made. The quality assurance and quality control (QA & QC) procedures verify that a product is free of flaws and meets all specified conditions. Both have the same goal but go about accomplishing it in different ways.

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The quality control used in a business is highly dependent on the product or industry. The food industry uses quality control methods to ensure customers do not get sick from their products. Hope this precise information helps you to understand the difference between quality assurance vs quality control departments. Although both quality assurance and quality control are different processes, but because of their strong interdependence, it becomes difficult to pin point the differences between the two. Want to receive feedback and recommendations from your customers? Chisel is a customer-oriented product management software that helps you to take your business to next level, giving you a competitive edge.

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Quality Assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention, while quality control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification. Having QA and QC teams mean adequate feedback is given to the appropriate production team to maintain quality. But when there is no one to check for quality, record improvements, and identify errors, there’ll be little improvement as it’ll be difficult to tell what is working and what isn’t. QC teams catch deficiencies that were missed by the processes developed by the QA teams.

Quality assurance vs. quality control: What are the differences?

He had no option but to micromanage his employees because they lacked a systematic documented process. As another example, Austin Maxwell, the general manager of Maxwell Counters, was very concerned about his business when he noticed that quality was being affected. His company specializes in the fabrication, installation, and replacement of customized countertops.

quality assurance vs quality control examples

Quality assurance refers to the sum of all actions and processes needed to demonstrate that quality requirements are fulfilled. Examples of quality assurance include management procedures, process checklists, project audits and methodology and standards development. Many people and organizations are confused about the difference between quality assurance and quality control . Since all three are necessary to effectively manage the risks of developing and maintaining software, it is important to understand the differences. It is a reactive technique that determines whether a developed product meets the customer’s expectations and conforms to the defined standards. The QA system aims to ensure inputs are always safe and effective .

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Quality Assurance — A set of activities aimed at ensuring the quality of the product at all stages of its creation. QA focuses more on processes, their optimization to minimize the number of bugs at the very beginning of product development. QA aims at finding defects in the finished product, to make sure that the product meets the requirements and specifications and is ready for transmission to the user . Quality Control is a software engineering process that is used to ensure that the approaches, techniques, methods and processes are designed in the project are following correctly. Quality control activities operate and verify that the application meet the defined quality standards. Every organization aims to deliver an exceptional customer experience—because a great customer experience translates into satisfied customers.

  • The role of QA is to identify the process that allowed the error to occur and re-engineer the system so that these defects won’t appear for the second time.
  • This article covers what you should know about quality assurance versus quality control.
  • The following article provides an outline for Quality Assurance vs Quality Control.
  • Spot checking equipment use to ensure compliance with industry standards.

It involves ensuring that products, services, and processes meet specific standards, and regulations, and meet the needs and expectatio… In simple terms, the QC process is the inspection stage of the QA process. While QA is more process-oriented than QC, both approaches follow standards set by the organization for securing high quality. For example, in food production, the main goal of Quality Assurance is to ensure the performed process and prevent any defects during primary production. On the other hand, Quality Control is there to detect a number of possible hazards caused by microbiological growth, chemical or physical contamination. Both aspects bind together will improve and ensure safe food products.

What are the similarities between quality assurance and quality control?

These include an x-bar chart, Six Sigma, 100% inspection mode, and the Taguchi Method. The quality control used in a business is highly dependent on the product or industry, and several techniques exist for measuring quality. It checks whether the deliverables satisfy the quality requirements as well as the specifications of the customers or not. Statistical Quality Control is the term used to describe the application of statistical tools and methodologies to finished goods and is a subset of quality control . But in quality control, a specific team is typically in charge of quality control, which involves checking the product for flaws. Quality control aims to find and fix errors in the final product.

quality assurance vs quality control examples

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